Understanding of conventional filmmaking changes.
Today, all around filmmaking and filmmaking gear has begun to change our way of thinking in filmmaking.

So we, a group of filmmakers who were raised in the conventional culture, yet also have roamed the roads of independent filmmaking,
We have gathered to catch the wave of evolution and created Palm.

Palm is a new age filmmaking company which utilize innovative solutions and have reformed production design.

We are out of the comfort zone!
Out of the box thinkers and innovators.

So be warned!
We like trying new methods, both in production design and directing,
We believe using qualified personnel and innovative methods are more efficient than man power and gear. We do not adhere to the orthodox methods, furthermore we are determined to be the present and future of filmmaking.
Being agile gives us the power to collect different materials which gives us the chance to see a new perspective.
The best part of all of this,
Under this roof, we got rid of all our judgments and created an open minded community.
Regardless of whether we are in the same project or not, we collaborate, share, brainstorm and help each other.
Because we believe in creating a new and original path.

So friends. We, a team of professionals,
are here to create evergreen films together and carve our paths with the open minded methods and industry knowledge.

Palm Film
Implementing real into fiction.

About Me

Theresa Jordan

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